Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Inaugural Blog Post

Hi Everyone,

Things are really heating up with the near infrared sauna experience. A small but growing number of people around the world are experiencing the healing power of near infrared saunas first hand. Near infrared provide tremendous therapeutic healing power without have to spend much or do much!

Recently, I have been experimenting with raising my body temperature in the sauna. When you raise your body temperature 2-3 degrees it is called "fever therapy" and it has a really powerful and amazing effect on the body. The heat can kill or weaken pathogens like bacteria or viruses, it strengthens the immune response, it stimulates the pituitary gland to release growth hormone, enhances circulation and most importantly it can weaken or kill cancer cells. So it's a good thing to get your body temperature up 2-3 degrees 3-7 times a week to promote great health.

An added benefit to the fever therapy is increased sweat volume. This equates to more powerful detoxification. With this in mind, I have been discovering new aids to raising body temperatures.

In Vermont, where I live, it is very dry in the winter. I have observed over the years that I don't sweat as much in the sauna during winter as in the summer even though it's just as hot in the sauna. A big difference is relative humidity. With low humidity, sweat evaporates quickly, and your body cools down quickly. It's not the sweating that cools your body, but the evaporation of sweat. In the summer, with higher humidity, evaporates more slowly. This means you don't cool down as quickly. The experience is a slightly higher change in body temperature and more detoxifying sweat. This is a good thing!

As you use your sauna, I recommend taking your temperature every 7-10 minutes in the sauna. Keep the thermometer on the floor in a corner, where it won't be affected by the sauna heat. As you monitor your body, you will learn how you respond to the sauna and how different times of day and humidity levels effect your experience. This will enable you to maximize your sauna therapy and customize it for your own body.

Stay tuned. In a couple of days I will post a short article on a very simple way to greatly enhance the sauna's detoxifying and heating effects. This technique is something everyone should try and know about as it is a HUGE aid to healing and detoxification.



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