Friday, March 18, 2011

A real sauna testimonial for cancer therapy.

Hi Everyone,

I just got this testimonial from a customer using an Eco Sauna as part of her cancer therapy. It was very moving to me, and powerful for her. I want to share it with everyone, so here it is:

"Hi Michael,

You might remember me. I was the lady who called you desperate to get a sauna in December, 2010. I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer in November 2010…a very aggressive and resistant type of cancer with a poor prognosis. I had been reading about the benefits of saunas and wanted to use it to help get rid of the tumors I have. I ordered the eco-sauna, but unfortunately, I had to do a round of chemo before it arrived. I thought it was going to kill me. I had about all the worst side effect that a person can get with it. Mouth sores, blistered pustules all over my body, shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, a horrid metallic taste in my mouth that made it difficult to drink even water, couldn’t eat, got a kidney and bladder infection, red patches all over my body, couldn’t think straight. It was so bad, I quit the treatment. I thought any more treatment was going to kill me for sure because my grandmother died during chemo. Some people do die from the treatment. So I tried all my natural remedies, but went back 6 weeks later to get an ultrasound to see if anything had changed. The tumors had grown. At the rate they were growing, I’d be stage 4 terminal in a matter of weeks if I didn’t go back to treatment according to the doctor.

In the meantime the sauna arrived and me and my sister put it together by ourselves. It was easy as pie! I scheduled my second round of chemo and had it 2 weeks ago. While they were hooking me up, the doctor mentioned that the drugs were “out of my system” within 6 hours. I think what he really meant was that they were “not effective” after 6 hours. So I thought…that means that they let off the equivalent of a nuclear bomb in my body and now I’m stuck with the fallout of billions of dead cells and all the toxic waste that is the chemo. That means my poor lymph system was trying to do its best to clean up the mess, and explains why the metallic taste. So, maybe sweating would help get that out of my system. So, 6 hours after treatment, I took a 30 minute sauna.

The difference between this round and the first round was astonishing. No nausea, no vomiting, no metallic taste, no mouth sores. It was as if I didn’t even have a treatment the next day. I felt just fine! I thought the sauna would just be good for me, I had no idea it would make chemotherapy not just manageable, but no big deal. I cannot believe what a difference. I also can’t believe people don’t already know about this. They don’t have to suffer with chemo and they don’t have to die because they are afraid of the treatment…they just need a near infrared sauna. I want the whole world to know how amazing and beneficial a sauna is for those in chemotherapy. I’ve read that it also helps with radiation, and that’s just around the corner for me too. I cannot thank you enough for making this wonderful life saving device for me. I take a sauna every day for 30 minutes. I love the feeling of all the toxins leaving my body, my skin is glowing and silky smooth…I’ve already lost 20 pounds (I’m now below my ideal weight!)…and I look better than I have in years.

Feel free to use this testimonial (but not my name). Thanks again for your help!

Your friend in Wisconsin,

M.R. (name hidden for privacy) "

Amazing isn't it?