Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 1 KEY detox difference between NEAR and FAR Infrared

I've always maintained the position that a near infrared  is the most effective detoxification tool available. To truly detoxify your body of rampant environmental toxicity take at least 6 months of continual detoxification and maybe a year or more. There are lots of websites showing the depth of toxicity existing in our bodies. Hundreds of chemicals are found including many that are proven to cause cancer.

Why does it take so long to detox? Because toxins are stored in places that are difficult to access. The science is very clear that we have lots of toxins stored in our fat cells. The reason they are stored is because we are exposed to more toxins a day than we have the ability to eliminate. Here is a simple way to look at it:

daily exposure  < eliminative capacity 
No toxins need to be stored

daily exposure  = eliminative capacity 
No toxins need to be stored

daily exposure  > eliminative capacity 
Toxins need to be stored to prevent immediate poisoning

When you read that scientists find chemicals stored in fat cells, than you can conclude that exposure is greater than the ability to eliminate. Hence, the need for supplemental detoxification. 

Many of these chemicals are outright poisons to the body. Some cause cancer, others cause protein and DNA damage. Some destroy endocrine function. When you detoxify these chemicals, they are released from long held storage and for a short time they are in circulation. This is they key point here: when this happens, your cells can be damaged yet again!

That's why near infrared is clearly the superior choice for detoxification. Near infrared light can protect cells from the damage caused by toxic chemicals. Near infrared light strengthens cell metabolism, increases cell regeneration, and increases intracellular anti-oxidant activity  All of these actions combine to protect cells from toxic damage. Here are lots of links showing protective effects:

The key difference here is that far infrared has no protective action at all.